It’s all fun and games until you slam a burned pot of pasta on your stone countertop a little too hard and hear that dreaded crack sound echo through the kitchen!

Your countertop, while durable, does have its breaking point, something you don’t really much care for until the damage is done. And this is where you make your worst mistake! With something as substantially expensive as a natural stone countertop, you can’t afford not to ask the right questions when putting the final check forward. Like whether it’s strong enough to stand against bad days in the kitchen, and whether it needs additional care!

Nevertheless, in this case, you now have the upper hand. Now that you’re buying a new countertop, you can take the opportunity to ask the right questions here, and not just ask whether it’s cheap enough, or pretty enough!

Q.1: Does This Countertop Match My Lifestyle?

Understand the dynamics of your household before you choose a stone countertop. For example, if you have a family with plenty of kids and pets, don’t choose something like white marble, since it can get scratched and stained pretty easily, and requires a lot more maintenance than your average soapstone. If needed, get a granite countertop instead or even quartz or quartzite. Durable, scratch-resistant and beautiful, these options work best for big families, where the kitchen is almost always busy.

Q.2: What’s the Best Finish?

There are plenty of options on offer: polished, honed, brushed, matte—your choice would depend on usage and aesthetic. Polished or honed and brushed would not be the best choices if your countertop experiences rough usage. Finishes such as these require maintenance and upkeep, and would highlight every little bit of wear-and-tear the countertop would sustain. So, it might not be wise to go with a super-glossy option.

Q.3: Can I maintain it?

It’s a common misconception that natural stone is virtually indestructible. But really, it only takes a well-placed blow on the right fissure to give a worn-down stone countertop a good crack! So, if it takes more than a mild soap mixture every once in a while to clean your countertop thoroughly, go with a more durable option like granite. But, try to maintain some form of care. Wipe the countertop after using it. Keep acidic liquids like vinegar, or even olive oil or coffee away, and don’t leave heavy objects on the countertop for a long period of time.

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Made a Choice?

If you have a specific stone countertop in mind, talk to a vendor on SlabFinder today. We offer kitchen countertops and stone surfacing online in a variety of styles and choices!

Choose a countertop surface that matches your requirements and be sure to give it the bare minimum of care. You’ll thank yourself later!