Kitchen countertops are, arguably, one of the most important surfaces in your home. After all, they’re used on a daily basis, are thoroughly cleaned regularly, and withstand a great amount.

As durable as they are, stone countertops require regular maintenance, care, and upkeep to continue looking like they did when you first installed them. Even if you’ve invested in high-quality materials in your kitchen, your countertops are exposed to wear-and-tear that can deteriorate it over time.

To avoid permanently inflicting damage to your stone kitchen countertops that you can’t reverse, it’s important to know what you may be doing wrong. Here are some ways you could be harming your pristine stone countertops without even knowing it:

Excessive weight

Materials like marble and concrete are often used for countertops because they’re known to be durable. Stone kitchen countertops are made to withstand weight but they’re not immune to it. The amount of pressure exerted—coupled with where you place the items—is important in determining how much weight your countertops can withstand.

Placing heavy objects near the edges can cause them to chip and break. You may not realize it but putting your microwave at the counter’s overhang can cause fractures and cracks that can permanently damage your stone countertops if left untreated.

Using it as a cutting board

While your pristine kitchen countertops may tempt you to cut, slice, and chop to your heart’s content, you’re doing more harm than good by doing so. Simply because you’ve invested in durable countertops doesn’t mean that they’re immune to scratches and stains.

Using sharp knives directly on your countertop surface can cause fine scratches and will lead to a breaking down of the surface’s protective covering. The exposed countertops will be even more susceptible to damage.


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Direct heat

Owing to their close proximity to heat, countertops are usually made of materials that can withstand high temperatures well. These materials make it easy to place hot pans, pots, and trays during cooking and baking.

However, exposing granite, quartz, and other surfaces to direct heat too often can damage it. Certain materials that can’t handle high temperatures may crack, burn, or leave unsightly discoloration on your kitchen countertops.

You can protect your kitchen countertops by using placemats, towels, and trivets before you place hot pans and pots over them.

Now that you’re equipped with the ways you can preserve and elongate your kitchen countertops’ life, you may be ready to start with a clean slate.

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