Bricks are commonly used for the construction of hearths and fireplaces. Fireplaces and hearths are generally found in ancient houses. With time, hearths and fireplaces may lose their glory, either by getting cracked or by getting chipped from different places; however, the addition of natural stone can save your fireplace breaking down completely. Here are a few natural stone options that you can consider to return your fireplace to its original glory.

1. Limestone

Limestone is the ultimate pick if your aim is to remodel your fireplace inexpensively. However, limestone is the kind of hearth stone that is best for electric or gas fires. Since it is a remarkably soft stone, it may get damaged by high temperatures. In normal circumstances, limestone doesn’t get ruined, but the same can’t be said when it is exposed to heat.

If you are into lighter tones, limestone in colors like tan, cream, white, and gray limestone will be the best choices for you.

2. Slate

This is a sedimentary stone that is distinguished for its durability and high-end texture. As opposed to limestone, slate comes in darker tones and diverse textures. For example, slates can be seen in tones like intense black, hot red, dark green, or deep gray. Some of them are also multi-colored.

Note that slates are pricier than limestone, but they are less costly than other natural stones such as granite, marble, or soapstone. Slate also happens to be a soft stone so make sure that you only use it for electric or gas fire.

3. Marble

While marble is soft, it is still considered to be a durable fireplace material. Why is that? Well, this is primarily because of marble’s remarkable heat resistance. Hence, this hearth material can be chosen for wood fires.

Marbles come in a wide range of colors and textures, giving plenty of options to design your ideal fireplace mantel.

4. Granite

Granite worktops falls into the medium price range for hearth stones. It tends to be more expensive than slate/limestone but is still less costly than marble. This type of hearthstone can be used for both electrical/gas fires as well as traditional wood fires. The stone should be polished for a more even and lavish look, while leaving the stone unpolished will give you a more rough and tethered look.

Your fireplace doesn’t only have to be functional and provide warmth to you and your loved ones. You can turn it into a mesmerizing corner by installing a fireplace mantel shelf made using any of the high-end stones mentioned above.