Are you a budding interior designer or want to develop your enthusiasm and interest for making spaces come alive with smart and innovative décor?

The basics of interior design and decoration are simple to learn for anyone; however, they’re both not to be mistaken for the same thing. The former is with respect to structural changes made to a space while the latter pertains to planning décor for a room or home.

Ultimately, you have to learn how to incorporate a variety of elements, patterns and play with the right complementary color schemes. Textures are integral to creating an interior design which does more than just cross off a checklist of available elements. A great way to add texture is to use stone surfaces in interior design.

Here are some of the best stone surfaces to use for interior design.

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Marble for flooring and shelves

Marble gives you many options to explore and be versatile. It adds elegance and rustic charm and works best with bigger spaces. It also increases the value of your home. Since it’s scratch resistant and doesn’t look as worn out easily, it can last a long time.

Limestone for countertops

The versatility of limestone makes it an attractive choice for decorating interiors because it makes them look timeless. It is available in multiple finishes such as softer hues of pink and brown and bolder colors like red, gold and black. It can also be used for decorating flooring because it can handle higher footfall.

Granite and Quartz for flooring and countertops

Granite is a favorable choice for many homeowners who appreciate the low-maintenance it requires. It’s stronger than it looks and more durable, ideal for all kinds of weather conditions with extreme temperatures.

Quartz is popular because it’s available in a lot of colors and is resistant to stains. It’s also a more cost-effective option for decorating homes on a budget.

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