A feature wall is also known as an accent wall and the best place to put it is in the main living area. This kind of wall is known for being a central feature and stands out with captivating colors, patterns and textures. It’s popular in interior design for rooms that demand more depth and dimension.

Feature walls are also useful for having a greater impact or adding subtle touches to the entire aesthetic of the room. Either way, they can liven up the space in a cost-effective way.

The next time you want to invest in an interior design upgrade with a feature wall, keep these dos and don’ts in mind.


Pick complementary colors

It’s okay to want to go with a bold and striking color but make sure that it complements the rest of the room. The kind of furniture you have, and the rest of the décor should be more prominent against or with the feature wall.

Try to open up the space

Accent walls are perfect for rooms that require more definition. Make sure you place it somewhere that will help highlight the entire room in general.

Use natural stone

This is a great idea for rooms that that have tall walls and high ceilings. Transform your tall wall into an accent wall for a rustic twist that can help create a welcoming aesthetic.

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Make one in a small room

An accent wall in a smaller space will make the room look even smaller. To make a small room look more spacious, it’s better to have the same color on all the walls.

Restrict yourself to just colors

Think beyond simply adding color to the walls. Playing with patterns and textures in interior design is a must when you want to create a work of art.

Feature walls with natural stone

While paint and wallpaper seem like the go-to option to create a feature wall for your home, it’s time to expand your horizons a bit. Natural stone are also an affordable option perfect for incorporating texture in a room.

It works for both interior and exterior walls and adds organic warmth and elegance in any room or space.

You also have an exciting variety of different formats and finishes that add depth to your feature wall.

You can opt for free form stone walling which adds a natural touch to your room and lots of movement so the eye can wander instead of fixating at a focal point. This allows for greater flexibility and can be used easily behind fireplaces, as garden retaining walls and more.

Linear walling creates a contemporary textural feel with just the right aesthetic. This is made with split stones, limestone and sandstone and different lengths of stones are applied vertically to the wall. It definitely makes a bold statement and catches the eye.

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