The most crucial aspect of your bathroom interior is the tiles as they play such a key role in modifying the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

However, choosing the right bathroom tiles can be tricky as the final look is highly dependent on the type of tiles you go for. Choosing the wrong tiles can prevent you from achieving the look and feel that you may have wanted for your bathroom.

This blog post covers popular tile designs that may pique your interest and encourage you to get them installed in your bathroom.

1. Vinyl Tiles

Owing to their low cost and functionality, vinyl tiles are the number one choice among many homeowners. This type of bathroom flooring boasts comfort and safety as they are not non-slippery and water-resistant.

If not properly maintained, vinyl tiles can suffer from wear and tear and start to look dull. The installation of vinyl tiles is easy as most of them are self-adhesive and can be cut into any size and shape.

2. Laminate Tiles

Considered as the top-selling flooring, laminate tiles are prized for the wide range of advantages that they offer. Due to its aluminum oxide coating, laminate flooring can stand up to dents and stains, making it a cost-effective option. Laminate flooring is also an eco-friendly option as it encourages recycling of the wood in the planks.

3. Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is not only extremely reliable and durable, but it also makes for a comfortable walking surface. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, choosing cork tiles is always a fun job. As opposed to traditional flooring, the cost of cork flooring is higher but it is worth it.

4. Stone Tiles

Available in a wide variety from marble to quartz to granite, natural stone flooring is a highly luxurious option, offering both elegance and style to your bathroom. The stone is best known for its strength and durability which makes it a common pick among homeowners.

5. Ceramic Floor Tiles

While ceramics are distinguished for being easy-to-maintain, they aren’t as comfortable and simple to install as other tiles. With that said, however, the variety of colors, textures, and finishes of these tiles tends to make up for their lack of features. It is always recommended to protect the flooring with a high-end finishing in order to prevent wear and tear.

Choose among these bathroom tiles to give your bathroom the most impressive makeover ever. For more information, click slabs for sale.