Once the star of your kitchen design, your stone countertop is but a murky reflection of its former self! At least, that’s what it looks like now, given that it’s so dingy and lifeless.

Stained, dull and just plain boring to look at, your countertop doesn’t possess the same gloss and beauty it did when it was once installed. But you can’t figure out why!

Was it something you spilled? Was it the evil eye?


In truth, it was plain and simple mismanagement care that has led to its sorry state! But all is not lost. With some proper care, your countertop can return to its former glory!

What You Shouldn’t Do When Caring for Your Countertops

– Not Having Them Re-sealed

Your stone might be sealed, but keep in mind that basic wear-and-tear does eat away at it. As a result, the following stones become damaged over time and require re-sealing:

  1. Granite
  2. Quartzite
  3. Marble
  4. Onyx
  5. Travertine
  6. Limestone

Because of their porous, textured nature, these stones absorb liquids and collect bacteria and that leads to etching and staining. The aforementioned stones should be re-sealed every two years. If it’s been longer than that, you might want to get on the phone with a professional ASAP.

– Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

There’s a reason why most stones have their own range of cleaning products. While it might make sense to use mild detergents and cleaning formulas for that little stain in the corner, persistent use can cause damage. Keep products that are alkaline or highly acidic in nature away and use special trays or containers for any basic use products such as drain cleaner, dishwashing liquid, bleach as well as over cleaners. These products eat away at stubborn stains. Imagine the damage they could do to your stone!

– Not Using a Cutting Board

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Even if you’re in a rush, it won’t take more than two seconds to whip out a cutting board! Your stone countertop, while strong and stable, is not designed to be used as a chopping board. Eventually, the small scratches and nicks will accumulate damage, which will make way for liquids to make themselves at home with the minuscule cracks you create.

– Standing or Sitting on Countertops

Your stone countertop is not indestructible. And while you might not even weigh as much, all it’ll take is one stomp of a foot for that crack to appear. Paired with the above mistakes, your countertop will not have the strength to sustain the pressure you’ll put on it. Keep doing it and a day will come when your countertop would either chip or break.

Take Care of Your Countertops!

So, be careful when using your countertops. If your stone countertop can be salvaged, use the information above to give it the care it needs. If not, make the right investment and buy a stone surface online from SlabFinder. And this time, give your kitchen countertop the love it needs, so it can retain its quality and durability for years to come!