You’re more than a little chuffed about getting the soapstone kitchen countertop that you’ve always dreamed of. But alongside these merry feelings, you’re also a little scared!

Being used to your old laminate, it’s only natural that you feel nervous about using your very attractive soapstone countertop. But does this mean that you turn it into a showpiece, keeping it sparkling but never using it, and leaving you chopping on your silicone mat, two feet away?

That would be a disservice to your soapstone. Because, in reality, this stone is one of the most durable, damage-resistant stones there is!

All it needs is some TLC every now and then and it’ll stay gleaming and strong, just like when it was brand new!

– Only Use Soap and Water

Especially if you use mineral oil to darken and improve the stone’s aging process, only use a soapy water solution to wash down the countertop. But try not to use any household cleaner. Instead, opt for a soapstone-specific cleaner. Household cleaners have chemicals that can eat away at the mineral oil treatment.

– Don’t Panic if You See a Scratch

Soapstone is almost indestructible—emphasis on almost! So during your countertop’s lifetime, you will see a scratch or two. Treating it right (and not panicking) is the key to making sure the scratch doesn’t become worse.

First, check if it actually is a scratch. Sometimes, displaced mineral oil comes off looking like a scratch, so all you need to do to repair it is to gently rub the area with your thumb. Second, if it is a scratch, rather than investing in gimmicky products, sand it out and it’ll be good to go.

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– Don’t Worry if it Goes Gray

Yes, soapstone does go gray as time goes by. This is seen by many as a benefit, since soapstone looks more elegant and distinguished when it does. Use mineral oil properly and swipe your counter with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean. That’s all it needs.

– Watch Out for Dents

Soapstone has a tendency to dent, which can be very off-putting. Don’t let it get to you though. Dents add character to your kitchen counter (and are mostly visible to just you!). If you can live with a small dent or two, it’s fine. Otherwise, consider to buy stone surfaces vendor on SlabFinder about buying a replacement.

A Recap

All the above proves one point: soapstone doesn’t require much of your attention. All you have to do is give it the bare minimum of care, and use it as you would your old countertop. Just be gentle when handling heavy plates and let your soapstone age with grace!