From its illustrious sheen to its exclusive patterns and designs—your marble countertop exudes a sense of luxury that even the most expensive stone won’t be able to imitate.

It’s a thing of pride and joy in your home, and you want to make sure it stays that way for generations to come.

But you know that marble is a temperamental beauty. And as with all such things, you must take the appropriate precautions.

And SlabFinder is the best source to provide you with said knowledge!

Taking Care of Marble—A Quick Guide

– Keep it Sealed

Marble is more porous and softer than granite. As such, it’s absolutely crucial that you have your marble countertop sealed as soon as it’s installed.

You can also keep a sealant and apply it on your own without having to call a contractor. Ask your fabricator for a recommendation and follow their directions to the letter.

– Follow Home Remedies

When all else fails, you can always rely on wisdom from your parents. Even today, many fabricators recommend various tips and tricks such as using cornstarch to remove grease stains and use baking soda to remove scratches. Use each tip in moderation, though, and take caution wherever necessary.

For example, use a coaster and mats in the kitchen. You’ll thank yourself later.

– Keep a Cleaning Solution Handy

And a soft, clean cloth for when a disaster has the potential to strike! As you would for all stones, you’ll need a mild cleaning solution so the chemicals aren’t too much for your delicate stone. Just remember to wipe your counter before cleaning it so any dust particles don’t end up scratching the surface.

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– Know the Right Time to Reseal

Let’s say you’ve had your marble countertop for about 6 months. And while it does gleam, there’s something clearly missing. If you have a lighter color marble, it could be that the sealant has worn off. Make sure that’s the case by pouring a few drops of water on the surface. Wait 5–10 minutes and check. If the water has dissolved, it might be time to reseal your countertop.

Lost Your Marble?

If your marble countertop has seen better days, then perhaps it’s time you retired the old stone and brought in a new one.


SlabFinder offers a variety of stone for countertops online in addition to stone remnants and products for use in interior and exterior design.

Shop on our site and find your next marble countertop. And be sure to take care of this stone well!