Among the natural stones and materials that can be used in construction, marble is one that has been used for an extremely long time. Even today, marble is a popular choice when it comes to countertops, flooring and other key parts of the home.

Are you someone who has marble tiles as flooring or has used marble for your bathroom or kitchen countertops as well surfaces in other parts of the home? If so, maintaining marble surfaces is probably something that concerns you.

All You Need to Know About Marble Maintenance


We’ve put together a list of useful tips and pointers that should help you keep that marble looking new and will contribute to longevity. All in all, following the tips below will save you time and money it would cost if you had your marble replaced.


The first thing you need to do regularly, following installation is having marble surfaces sealed. Marble is a porous material which means water can seep into it. As you may already know, water causes damage and discoloration over time. Even if the marble is not in a wet or moist space, sealing is extremely important.

Having marble slabs and tiles sealed makes them waterproof, increasing their lifespan.


Marble is sensitive to acidic substances. The limestone in the marble reacts with acids which can cause instant and obvious discoloration. In extreme cases, the same can also weaken the marble. Within the home, acidic liquids include wine, vinegar, lemon juice and others with a Ph of 6 or lower.

It is important to protect your marble from spillage of such liquids. If you do happen to spill any, soak it with a dry cloth, wipe it down with a wet one and then re-wipe it with a dry cloth immediately.

Cleaning and Spot Treatment

It is important to clean marble surfaces regularly; however, we recommend you use the right kind of cleaning material. Cleaning detergents that are acidic as well as those that may be abrasive should be avoided at all costs.

Your local department store will probably stock marble friendly cleaning agents that you can purchase and use. If you come across a stain that is particularly stubborn, you can try spot treatment. Here, you apply toothpaste to the stain, wait for it to harden or dry and then remove the same. Follow this up with a wet cloth and then a dry wipe down. This usually does the trick.

In Conclusion

The tips above will help you extend the life of that marble and save on replacement and reinstallation. That said, if you’re looking for marble to buy for use as kitchen countertops NY, flooring and more we’ve got some brilliant options you might find interesting. You can even connect with us for more material options if you’re interested.

Look after your marble and that marble will not need to be changed for a long time.