Bathrooms don’t get the recognition they deserve, but they’re an important part of our homes. So when it comes to remodeling them, you need to pay great attention to detail.

Quartz countertops are becoming increasingly popular because they’re natural and eco-friendly. In addition, they add a gorgeous and beautiful look to your bathroom’s interior.

But what should you take into consideration when choosing quartz countertops? How can you make sure your bathroom looks polished, beautiful, and amazing?

Choose the Pattern, Texture, and Colors

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One of the reasons quartz is becoming so popular is that it resembles granite and marble. This is because quartz is much more affordable compared to the other two. Therefore, for those who don’t want to invest in expensive countertops, quartz countertops are the best alternative.

Another reason why quartz is becoming popular is that you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to patterns, texture, and colors. This helps you choose a countertop that complements the design and interior of your bathroom.

If your bathroom’s interior is dark, then go with dark-colored countertops. If the bathroom’s color is light (like white or a pastel color) then go with light-colored countertops.

When it comes to textures, there are three options: polished, matte, and rugged. Go with what you think looks best and will complement your bathroom.

It’s All about the Thickness

When choosing a quartz countertop, you need to keep the thickness of the slabs in mind. The average thickness is 1 ¼ inches. This is what is recommended for bathrooms. You can also go with 1 ½, but this won’t look as good in most cases.

Don’t Forget About “Edging”

Edging is an extremely important finishing touch if you want that amazing, “polished” look.

There are more 19 different types of edging profiles available for quartz tops, but the standard ones are “waterfall” and squared edges. These can be easily applied to slabs that are 1 ¼ inches thick.

You’ll need to go through various edges and profiles before making your decision. For this, you’re going to have to consult a professional service that can guide you through different choices.

This is where we come in. Finding the perfect quartz slabs for your bathrooms has never been easier. We can guide you through the process and provide you with exceptional-quality slabs.

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