It’s almost New Years, and you’ve decided to renovate your home. You’re excited, but also a little nervous. After all, this is the first time you’re renovating your home in years.

The worst part is that the perfectionist in you can’t decide what to do with the color combinations and countertops.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got all the tricks of the trade to make your winter renovations a success!

Here are a couple of ideas you can roll with:

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Wood with Marble

Wooden interiors are still popular when it comes to kitchens. A wooden kitchen is a symbol of a traditional American kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment.

For instance, you can go with wooden cabinets and white marble countertops. But if marble isn’t in your price range, you can also opt for granite. Granite resembles marble, but is a much more affordable alternative.

The only drawback is that you have only a handful of colors to choose from. But the available colors are gorgeous, and will complement your kitchen’s interior perfectly.

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Granite Countertops for a Modern Day Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, we recommend going with granite countertops. One of the best things about granite is that it’s heat-resistant and does not crack easily. It’s also easy to find and affordable.

You also won’t have a problem with maintenance, as granite doesn’t get damaged by moisture or humidity.

Granite also has a beautiful finish that will add an element of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom’s interior.

Keep it Simple

The last thing you want is a cluttered kitchen or bathroom. So  keep things simple and minimalistic. Don’t crowd your kitchen with different types of shelves. Go with one large countertop that acts as your work station. Moreover, keep your kitchen sink separate from the stove so you don’t end up with pots and pans everywhere.

As for the bathroom, make sure to use the space wisely so that there isn’t any negative space. The sink should be far away from the toilet. You can add a shower or a bathtub, it’s up to you.

For the countertop, quartz is also a good choice because it mimics both granite and marble, but is a much cheaper option. Secondly, it’s an organic material and doesn’t wear out easily.

Now that you know what to do, use SlabFinder (App Store | Google Play) to buy kitchen countertops. Marble, granite – you name it, SlabFinder has a wide range of vendors that’ll offer just the stone you want for an amazing price!

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