Google the phrase, “reasoning with toddlers.” In all 3,950,000 results, one thing is clear—you can’t.

So if you think that you can explaining to them that hat running around the kitchen—screaming bloody murder—might result in a bonked head or worse, you’re wasting your time.

The ability to understand logic and reasoning usually develops between the ages of two and three. And even then, it takes them time to actually exercise it.

Until then, it’s up to you to make sure that any space that has countertops and climbable surfaces does not cause any boo-boos or full-on injuries!

Best Kid-Friendly Options for Countertops

Note: For all countertops, have the edges rounded so there’s no risk of an accidental injury.

– Quartz

Low-maintenance, available in a range of textures and colors, non-porous, and heat-resistant, quartz is one of the most popular kid-friendly options because it’s the best option for harried mothers who need to get that milk bottle ready, now!

Quartz countertops are great for busy kitchens that experience their fair share of spills and stains!

– Granite

The strongest and hardest of all the natural stones, granite is the best choice if you want to make a countertop that can withstand the insistent banging of toys and Tupperware.

Heat- and scratch-resistant, granite is a great long-term option if you’re planning to have a big family someday. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke (and with granite, it never will), then don’t replace it!

– Solid Surfacing

Available in a range of patterns and colors, solid surfacing offers an almost seamless look because it’s human-made. A good choice for kitchens and bathrooms and backsplashes and sinks, solid surfacing is also very affordable.

From a kid-friendly perspective, what makes solid surfacing great is its resistance to stains! So you’ll definitely have no worries if your little one decides to move their finger-painting talents to the counter, instead of on the paper!

– Laminate

Low-cost, available in various patterns and colors, non-porous, bacteria-proof, chip-proof, impact-resistant, easy to clean and affordable—laminate is not just a kid-friendly option, but a parent-friendly option as well.

It doesn’t matter if you have messy children, even if they do end up spilling things on the counter, all it’ll take is a mix of water and soap with a good sponge to make it as good-as-new!

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