SlabFinder, a well-reputed platform for natural stone surfacing, helps connect stone buyers with stone vendors from all over the globe. SlabFinder specializes in stone countertop designs, flooring, fabrication, installation, and offers the largest selection of natural slabs in Athens, Greece. In recent times, SlabFinder has become a household name for selling top-class granite surfacing that can be used for unique bathroom and kitchen flooring as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops. SlabFinder also provides a wide selection of other natural stone surfacing which includes quartz, porcelain, marbles to name a few. 

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SlabFinder serves as the ideal marketplace for homeowners looking forward to renovating their houses to search for excellent quality granite for their surfacing. SlabFinder prioritizes the quality of the materials being sold on the platform above all else. Understanding that homeowners are looking for highly functional and durable materials for their renovation projects, SlabFinder makes it easy for customers to find the right products with the help of efficient filters.  

“The majority of the money in the house is usually invested in the bathroom and kitchen. That’s where a lot of expenses inculcate, but that’s what also sells a home. The beauty of granite is that it makes for a wonderful kitchen and bathroom countertop. It is also a strong rock that is non-porous in nature, all of which adds to its durability. With SlabFinder, we’re helping our customers to get the best possible granite surfacing for their bathroom, kitchen, and any other room, for that matter. This will surely help add the real estate value of their property and make them happy and satisfied – precisely what we want for our customers.” one of SlabFinder’s customer service representatives said. 

SlabFinder saves time and money for its customers as well. With their quick online services, buyers are able to purchase the material or product of their preference without any delay or inconvenience. The sellers are also able to restock the entire latest inventory and deliver at the right locations at the given time.  

“Our app is very easy to use and simple to follow – all of which makes purchasing super convenient. Our sellers do not indulge with clients that are “not sure” or “hesitant” or are only there “to have a look”. They prefer to deal with clients that are actually there to do business. Our sellers make it a point to talk to only those customers that are really interested in making a purchase or are on the lookout for crucial details/information. This saves both our and our customers’ time.” 

About SlabFinder

SlabFinder is an online marketplace focused on selling natural stone surfacing with the help of natural stone vendors worldwide. The SlabFinder app is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store.