Wood flooring adds an elegant refinement to any room—specifically, the rustic, cabin-in-the-woods feeling that comes with tan wooden floorboards and tiles. When you’re remodeling your home, opting for wood is a great choice. After all, it exudes welcoming warmth to anyone who visits.

You’ve probably imagined how the unique hues of wood flooring will complement your home décor or which materials to contrast with it, only to be disappointed by practical implications.

Wood takes commitment. The material is prone to damage due to hot temperatures and moisture. And its lack of resistance makes it a questionable choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

That’s where wood effect tiles come in.

The hues

These wood-like tiles come in a wide array of colors—from dark mahogany wood to lighter oak wood colors. The colors and textures are meant to replicate the style of wood, giving you the same warm feeling without maintenance hassle.

The functionality

The lack of practicality of wood holds people back from it. While it’s a beautiful addition to your home, it doesn’t always serve a functional purpose. Due to its lack of resistance to moisture and heat, homeowners turn to wood alternatives when redesigning their homes.

Porcelain wood effect tiles are highly durable and resistant to water, something that comes in handy when you install them in your washrooms and kitchen. Tiles are often difficult to scratch, making them less vulnerable to damage than authentic wood.

Wood effect tiles are easier to maintain, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who want to enjoy the warm aura of wood.

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The look

Wood is characteristic for its soft, warm feeling. Wood effect tile may never rival the feeling of authentic wood, but they do come close in terms of how they look. These durable tiles are made with realistic details, reproducing the natural grainy look of wood. The earthy hues are reminiscent of wooden planks, with a worn appearance that mimics the original design we all know and love.

If you want to incorporate this hassle free design element to your home, opt for wood effect tiles when you’re remodeling. They’re easy to manage, durable, and give your house a beautiful, warm feeling.

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