It’s virtually unbreakable, durable enough to retain its quality even with regular wear-and-tear and scratch-resistant to boot. For your big family, a granite countertop is a perfect choice!

And though it does take a chunk from your home renovation budget, granite is definitely a stone that makes the investment worth it.

However, if you’re pooling your money into buying such a hefty feature, it’s important that you know everything you can gain from it, how you can utilize it, and what sort of care granite requires!

What You Should Know About Granite Countertops

– There are Plenty of Design Choices

Seemingly endless, in fact!

From pale white granite to pink, green and blue stones, granite is available in a variety of colors, so you get your pick of whichever shade you want. It’s only then that you go down the rabbit hole of patterns, designs, shades, and finishes!

A natural stone, granite retains its unique quality, even if you go with something simple. So, if you’re thinking of adding more natural stone features to your home but don’t want them to look too similar, granite is a great choice!

– Granite Requires a Little Care

Granite is by far one of the hardest natural stones, which is why it’s considered the best countertop option for heavy-use areas such as restaurants and bakeries. But despite its reputation, this doesn’t mean granite is indestructible.

Granite cannot withstand extreme changes in temperatures. So, it might not be such a good idea to place your hot pans from the stove directly onto the countertop. Temperature changes can lead to fissures and cracks, which can be a hassle to fix. Heavy tools are also a no-no. And as far as knives are concerned, it’s recommended that you use cutting boards so that the granite doesn’t end up dulling the knives and so that sharp knives don’t end up scratching the surface.

– Granite Can Break

Especially if there is already a pre-existing crack! If your countertop has sustained damage over time, i.e. it has chipped, dinged or scuffed, the countertop has to be sealed and polished straightaway. Despite its strength, granite can break easily if it sustains substantial cracks and additional damage.

– Maintaining Your Countertop will Benefit You in the Long Run

While granite doesn’t require as much maintenance, it won’t do you any harm to give it a little more TLC. Use products that are specially formulated for sealing, polishing and cleaning granite stones and countertops. Clean up a spill as soon as it happens, and polish it whenever they start looking dull. Use warm water and a cleaner that doesn’t consist of harsh chemicals; use a microfiber cloth to ensure that all the moisture gets soaked up nicely.

– Make the Right Choice

Not all granite is the same! And with something as expensive as granite, you cannot go about just buying from any company without first ensuring that you’re buying quality that’s well worth the price tag. Keep in mind, every vendor has it own definition of quality. So, you’ll need to be very careful when choosing a product!

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