Marble is one of the many natural stones that can be used for a number of applications at home such as countertops, walkways, temples, house surfacing, patio flooring, etc.

Speaking of patio flooring, marbles have the ability to turn your patio into a unique and luxurious space, depending on the pattern, shape, and color you go for. In this blog post, we discuss how you can make the most of marble outdoors to give the space a deluxe appearance.

1. Choose the Type of Marble Flooring You Want

Did you know that marble comes in several different types? Some of the popular ones that you can choose from are as follows:

· Crema Beige

Originated in Turkey, Crema Beige, as the name implies, boasts a cream-beige color. The stone appears flat due to its mono-tone appearance but is extremely gorgeous-looking.

· Culcatta Gold Marble

For more grandiose and splendor, Culcatta Gold Marble is the best option to invest in. The golden veins of this marble are striking to look at and when combined with black marble, they give a contemporary sleek result.

· Dark Emperador

This is one of the darkest marbles and is very popular in Australian homes. Thanks to its earthy-brown hues combined with cream to beige veins, the marble gives off lavish vibes.

· Valakas

Native to Greece, Valakas is an impeccable white marble with light grey to blue veins. This type of marble is generally used in bathrooms.

2. Go for the Right Quality of Marble

When looking for marble tiles, their styles and patterns are not the only things to consider; quality is an equally important feature for your outdoor projects—especially your patio floor.

Please note that polished marble tiles may not be the most ideal options as the polish tends to wear off over time. The finishing can also be slippery and can be a threat to children and elderly people. Another consideration is to go for bigger tiles as they will make your patio look roomy. In the case of smaller tiles, try arranging the tiles in an artistic way to bring your patio to life.

3. Regular Care and Maintenance

Needless to say, your marble tiles will eventually lose their new, fresh vibe, getting affected by rain, wind, and dust. This adverse environmental impact will make your patio look less pretty. But with regular care and maintenance, you can restore the beauty of your astonishing flooring.

Keep in mind that marble is a soft stone hence additional care will be needed whilst cleaning it. You can go for natural stone cleaners to wipe away dust and dirt without running the surfacing of your patio. If, in case, your patio gets a stubborn stain, you can remove it using a water and baking soda mixture.

If properly maintained, marble can make for a highly durable investment for your patio. Visit our website to purchase the best surfacing online