A relaxing place to retire to after a long day’s work, bathrooms are meant to be comforting and subdued. But considering the cracking countertop, bumpy bathtub, and peeling paint, yours is anything but!

Here are some tips on renovating your little ol’ bathroom that will transform it from a grungy hell into a tiny hidden oasis of respite and comfort!

Note: You’ll need to set aside a substantial budget if you want to renovate your bathroom. But don’t be intimidated. If you follow our tips, the end result will make the cost worth it.

– Switch Out Your Dingy Bathtub for a Walk-in Shower

While soaking in a bathtub might seem like the epitome of luxury, let’s just agree on what it really is; a waste of time and water.

Gutting and replacing it with a walk-in shower will not only be a practical move, but it’ll also amp up the luxuriousness of the space. Imagine: a shower the size of a full bathtub!

– Extend the Backsplash All the Way behind the Toilet and the Sink

You’ve invested in a quartz backsplash for your shower. So why not have it extended well behind the toilet and the vanity? And while you’re at it, bring it up to the ceiling.

Aside from the aesthetic value, this will protect your walls from moisture and will add to your property’s value. After all, who doesn’t like a beautiful, lavish bathroom!

– Use Tiles for the Baseboard

Take your regular tiles all the way up to the baseboard to create a uniform, cohesive look. Using the same tiles that are used for the floor not only makes the room look sleeker, but is also practical for when the floor gets wet!

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– Invest in a Luxurious Vanity

If not, replace the old countertop with a non-porous option. SlabFinder can help you with that. As for style, follow the same color theme and have it fitted with singular color hardware. Luxury bathrooms exude a sense of balance through their style. Try to achieve that!

Feeling Inspired?

Start preparing!

Find out which color is Pantone’s choice for 2020 (hint: it’s inspired by the sea, apparently), update your Pinterest board and start comparing prices for surfacing online with SlabFinder. Your bathroom is about to get a makeover!